Travel Diary: Kantō Region (関東)

The purpose of this trip? To escape the sticky, all-consuming summer weather in Japan. Felt like we could actually breathe…which is always a good sign.

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Yukata/Kimono Days

One thing you should try do when you go to Japan is wear a yukata (浴衣) or kimono (着物). If you go during the spring/summer time when there are a lot of festivals on, you’ll see lots of Japanese people wearing yukatas (think of it as a cheaper, lighter type of kimono) and it’s easy enough to get your hands on one – find an Aeon or Loft, find a set in your size and off you go! Or, if you go to Kyoto or some touristy place, you’ll often see kimono rental shops where you can experience walking around in one for the day.



Here, I’ve compiled just a few of the times where I (and my friend) have worn a yukata or kimono, maybe it’ll convince you to go for it 😉


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Taking the plunge

When was the last time you tried something new? Or challenged yourself?

Over the last few years in Japan, I did so many things I never would’ve done but I always said to myself, “sure, why not?” Every new experience showed me what I was capable of, created new hobbies and most of all, made great memories.

When I look back, it’s hard to believe that a girl like me who once stayed at home for 72 hours straight actually did a two-day biking trip across islands and climbed Mount Fuji. But it’s not only those big moments that I value. I cherish them just as much as the small achievements: getting off the sofa to socialise, randomly deciding to get silver hair or even the times I was a wee bit brave and tried out a new Japanese expression I learned.

What I’ve learned is that trying new activities or pushing yourself doesn’t necessarily mean you’re leaving your comfort zone; you’re just introducing new things into it.

So, here’s a small compilation of some of my “sure, why not” moments.

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London – Chester – Manchester

OK, super important question here: ARE YOU A FAN OF BTS? If you are, then hey, we’re ‘ARMY’ companions and if not and you’ve no idea what I’m talking about and that’s OK cause eventually, you’ll know (said in a non-creepy way).

So, BTS recently had their ‘Love Yourself’ world tour and I went over to London to see them!!! This was my fifth time but it never gets old. Going over for the day and exploring alone made me realise that London is HUGE. But anyway, here are some photos from my trip.

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Only meant for night

It was a full moon the other night and somewhere between imagining what it’d be like to go there and thinking I should go to sleep, I wondered, “what are the things we can only see during the night?” I mean, sometimes we can see the moon in the early hours of the morning but for the full, cinematic effect, it should be seen at night; only then can you marvel in it’s beauty and see just how far its light reaches.

So, I started looking back at some of the memorable nights I’ve spent in Japan the last three years: the mishaps and adventures, the sunsets just before the dark, and the people that brighten it all up.

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3 months left.

When I first came to Japan, I counted the days. Every 26th day of the month was met with a cry of “It’s been (X) months since I’ve come to Japan!”. The 26th spurred memories of the sweltering, wet heat in Tokyo, the sea of white collars ducking into narrow entryway restaurants and the assaulting sounds of a new language landscape. That was in 2015.

2015-07-25 20.46.04

Now,  almost three years later, here I am again. Not so wide-eyed or in Tokyo but still counting; only this time, in reverse.

I’ve always known that I should’ve recorded my journey as I went along but I felt unmotivated and unsatisfied with my previous blog. I can’t go back though so my only consolation is that with the power of retrospect, I can look back on my time here with insight and appreciation rather than playing catch-up.

I can’t tell exactly how this blog is going to take form but for now, let’s just say that as my time in Japan comes to an end, I’ll be looking to the beginning.